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Vintage Levi Sizing Guide

there's no denying it. vintage levi denim is the shit and we are so excited to be carrying it. vintage sizing is a little tricky and a lot different than modern day sizing, so we created a sizing guide to help get you wilde girls in the perfect pair. 

on the product pages you will see the sizes for our vintage listed in measurements {30 x 32 x 34.} these measurements show the waist, hips and inseam in inches. to find your perfect size you need to take a clothing tape measure and measure your waist {smallest part} hips {around your butt} and inseam {crotch to leg} and make note of your measurements in inches. if your measurements are spot on or within an inch or so of the listed measurement these jeans or shorts will be a great fit! 

on some denim pieces you will see a size {25,26,27,etc} because we had a model that is this true size in modern jeans try them on and have them be a perfect fit! I feel like this is an easier rule of thumb, so if we can list modern sizes on the denim pieces we will!

vintage levi pieces run + fit differently based upon the style and decade, so some denim pieces will have stretchier fabric and some will be more stiff. meaning some vintage may measure a little different but still be the perfect fit. we will list any material differences we notice in the product description but please reach out if you have any further questions on sizing + fit. we want to get you wilde girls in the perfect pair always. 

all styles are one of a kind. hand picked + hand distressed at times. no two pieces will be the same but all will be 100% badass. see what our vintage levi's are all about and click the 'shop all' button to snag your perfect pair today.



paige | head wilde girl


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