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Ways to Rock our Chain Belts

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Hi lil honey's!!
You've probably seen this new spring + summer trend sweeping your Instagram feeds lately and we are 100% here for it. We love chain belts because they bring the perfect combo of grunge, rock n roll and boho to top off any outfit. You can style them with biker boots and gold necklaces and create an edgier 'fit or you can style them with a cute summer dress or crop top and give off a more boho, summer vibe. They're so versatile and take every outfit to the next level, which we always crave over here at whiskey wilde. Meet the newest staple piece in our closet. Here's our favorite ways to rock these must have chain belts.
The Loose Hang: for the girl who wants to give off an effortless, this took me 5 minutes and I still look bangin' look. To create this look just simply angle the belt over your hips at a slant, clasp to close and you're set honey.
The Layering Queen: for the badass lady who wants to give off the I look pretty and girly today but don't test my limits look. To create this look you need two belts. Choose the belt with the design you want to showcase more and put it on like normal. Take the second belt and clasp at the front off to one side, droop it to the back and tuck it! We draped it to create two layers, but you can play around with it until you create your desired look.
The Basic Chain: for the lil lady who just wants an everyday, on trend look. This is a cute way to style a chain belt with an outfit that has a more boho vibe. To create this look just simply put her on like a normal belt and let the extra chain hang!
The Effortless Drape: A quick way to spice up any outfit. To create this look, put the belt on like normal, take the extra chain and drape it to the front {or back} and just tuck it in so it stays in place!
The Accent Piece: for the lady who wants to look like she knows what the f!ck she's doing when it comes to styling her outfits. The perfect touch to an outfit that really doesn't need anything extra, but you're feeling extra and trendy so you just did the damn thing. 
Shop these chain belts on our website today and don't forget to follow our Insta account for daily outfit inspo. {@shopwhiskeywilde} 

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