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Hi love & whiskey girls!

I feel like I've never really introduced myself on a personal level on any of the love & whiskey social media, and I wanted to change that! I completely consider all of the love & whiskey girls to be like my fam, so I want you guys to all know the woman behind the laptop! Before I started love & whiskey in January, I actually had my own blog. I have always loved writing and coming up with creative topics, so it seemed like a fun hobby for me! My blog was mainly about fitness and fashion and I mixed in a little beauty and lifestyle, but once I started up this business that I love so much, my blog definitely took the back burner. I just came up with the idea to combine my blog with our love & whiskey store and I couldn't be more excited. I'm planning on having these posts mainly be fashion and love & whiskey related, but I wanna spice it up with a little lifestyle and travel and maybe some healthy recipes and fun stuff like that! love & whiskey is an entire brand, an entire lifestyle. I don't want that feeling to end once you've purchased clothes! So here's a blog post welcoming you to my life - Hi, I'm Paige Trauernicht and I'm the owner of love & whiskey. 

My zodiac sign is Aries and girl lemme tell you I feel that fire symbol! I actually wear an Aries necklace every single day just because I feel so in touch with my zodiac sign. I live a super fast paced lifestyle, I'm just a little impatient ;) I can be pretty stubborn but I'm also incredibly loyal to the people that I care about, independent and outgoing. I've always wanted to dive deeper into zodiac signs and crystals but just haven't yet. Some day!


My all time favorite season is Fall! Ever since I was a little girl I have loved fall, I love the weather, the fall fashion, all of the seasonal activities like haunted houses, pumpkin patches, and how a lot of amusement parks have a Halloween Haunt type of thing (I try to go to a different one every year). I love scary movies and I love Halloween, fall is my time of year that's for sure!


I am engaged to my man of almost 6 years this October and his name is Kc! Yes girl, his full first name is Kc, it's not an abbreviation ;) Our wedding date is November 10th, 2018! You already know I have always wanted to get married in October but the venue that I fell in love with is located on a super popular pumpkin patch so I had to decide if I wanted to still do an October wedding with all of the little rugrats running around at the pumpkin patch or just have it early November and have the whole place to ourselves.. I went with no rugrats. 



We actually just totally relocated a few days ago. We both grew up in Beatrice, Nebraska and were living in Lincoln for few years but Kc got an account that completely changed the game and it was either stay in Lincoln and not see my man 2-3 weeks out of the month, or move closer to his job sights in Kansas, so here we are!

Quick / Random Facts:


  • My favorite holiday is Halloween, but honestly I am one of those people that loves every single holiday. I love decorating for them and each holiday seems to hold its own tradition that I always look forward to. 
  • I have always thought my favorite color was pink, but Kc just made me realize yesterday that I think it's turquoise (when it comes to non-clothing and beauty items.) We were at the store picking out furniture and decorations and he kept giving me shit because I always picked the turquoise color of every item. I think it's just a summer thing, but we'll see!
  • I am 5 foot 5 and somehow way taller than a lot of my friends and family so they all make me feel like I'm 6 foot 7. 
  • I'm a huge iced coffee and chai tea lover. But who am I kidding, I just like caffeine. I'm totally that girl that is always sipping on coffee or pre-workout or something like that!
  • I naturally have a huge sweet tooth but Kc has been messing with my palette lately. I have always gravitated to sweets vs. salty things but he is the complete opposite! You will rarely see that man eating cake or cookies and almost always see him eating salt & vinegar chips or dill pickle sunflower seeds. And I honestly think my palette is changing!
  • My favorite social media channel is definitely Instagram but I also love blogging. I think I just love visuals, and seeing pictures so any social media channel that showcases that is gonna be a hit with me!
  • My dream vacation is either Bora Bora or Greece. Me and Kc are deciding between the two for our honeymoon and I think we're leaning towards Greece. Flights to Greece are wayyyy cheaper and we're honestly not huge beach people. So I like that Greece has a lot of culture and adventurous things to do than just kinda chillin' the whole time! Let me know if you have been to one place or the other and how you liked it!
  • My all time favorite movie is Practical Magic. 
  • My favorite fruit is hands down is watermelon.
  • I am 22 years old and Kc is 25 years old!
  • We have a little fur baby named Whiskey and he is the orneriest, cutest little thang in the entire world. 
  • Me and Kc both love going to the KC Sporting soccer games, so I'm really excited to be closer to all of the action than we were before!

I just wanted to throw out some quick, fun facts so you guys could get to know me a little better! If you have any questions on anything, just ask! Until next time love & whiskey girl.

Let's Get Social: 
Instagram: @_loveandwhiskey
Twitter: @_loveandwhiskey
Facebook: @loveandwhiskeyonline
Personal Insta: @paigetrauernicht
Sending SO Much Love | xoxo,
Paige - head #loveandwhiskeygirl


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