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hi love & whiskey girls!
As some of you pretty ladies know, I used to have a blog that I dedicated mainly to fitness! With our move to Kansas, I found myself not really paying too much attention to my diet or trying to get into the gym as much because we were dealing with the CRAZINESS of moving (literally not moving for 10+ years again). But now that we're all settled in I wanted to share my journey with you ladies again! I thought it would be fun for my first post back to be about my goals to get my booty in shape for this wedding and how I'm planning on going about accomplishing them (+ a lil Q&A!) Since yesterday marked us being officially 5 months out from our wedding it was only fitting for it to be day one of shredding for the wedding baby! Welcome to love & whiskey girl fitness :) 
Quick disclaimer!! I am not a licensed fitness expert! I have never gone to school for it and I have never had a job in the field (aside from selling healthy cook books and my workout plans and stuff). I just have done a lot of research on different aspects, done a lot of trial and error and received a lot of help from my fiance (who wrestled his entire life and wrestled in college, so he has always had a good understanding on nutrition - I'm always gassing him up lol) help me out in the gym and in the kitchen! I caught the attention of a few ladies with my transformation and began sharing some tips and recipes and that's how we're here :) 
My main goal right now is just to tone errythang up. I have always stored my fat in my lower tummy and my arms, so I really want to concentrate on toning those areas! 
  • Hit up the gym five days a week! I want to train lower body three days a week and upper body two days a week. The goal for me is to always flatten the tummy and add to the booty ;) 
  • Clean up my diet! I've been treating myself to sweet treats and lil snacks wayyy too much lately. (This is the girl who smashed three VERY large scotcheroos the other night at 11 PM lol). I just want to clean it up a little bit and get back to choosing the healthier option. 
  • Drink more water. 
  • Eat more fruits and veggies. I need to start straying away from getting my carbs through crackers and bagels and different foods like that. This may be TMI but I do not have a quick digestive system and I've found that when I eliminate these types of foods that everything flows a lot better poop wise. 
  • Do more cardio. I am doing a 10-15 minute warm up on the treadmill at an incline before my workouts. I also want to do a couple 10-15 minute HIIT sessions each week. I hate cardio so please pray for me, but gotta do what you gotta do.
  • Train abs at least once a week. Also hate doing this so say another prayer. 
  • Don't eat past 9 PM. I'm a huge later night snacker so this is a big one for me! I would set my goal earlier in the day at like 7 or 8 PM but I'm also a late night worker outer and I always eat after my workouts to refuel my body so I adjusted the time a little bit! The reason you want to not eat super late at night is because when you smash food at night when you're just chilling at home getting ready for bed you aren't burning it off by walking around or going to the gym like you do during the day, the food just settles which can cause weight gain!

These are my goals for right now! Everybody is at a different place in their fitness journey which may require different goals! For instance if you're just getting into the swing of things, maybe try cutting out pop, fast food and bread.. these are three huge ones! Try to go to the gym three days a week and maybe go to a couple group fitness classes to get started! These goals were really helpful for me in the beginning! Also always remember to NEVER feel bad about your body no matter where you are in your journey. You can't go back and change things in the past, so don't dwell on them! Focus on the future and setting goals and making adjustments to benefit your future self! Don't concentrate on how far you have to go, but think about how far you've come and the things you are doing currently to reach your goals! 


I posted late last night on my insta story that I was going to be making this blog post this morning and asked if you ladies had any questions! These are a couple of the questions I got that I thought I should share! :) 


Q: "So I've been trying to get back into eating healthy and working out. Mostly lifting. My most troubled area is my stomach, it's basically like I'm constantly bloated, have you had any experience with inflammation? What foods cause it and what foods are inflammatory? I was recommended to eat more dark leafy greens which I've been trying but I'm still struggling." 

A: Good question!! This is probably caused by something in your diet that your body is intolerant to that you're consuming! For instance if you consume a lot of dairy, almost everybody is actually intolerant to dairy so it causes people to bloat when they consume! I would do a trial and error with your diet, eat what you normally eat and take out dairy for a couple days. If that's not the culprit, take out gluten filled products for a couple of days, and keep doing this until you find what food your body isn't liking! I know some foods to help with bloating are bananas, veggies, green tea! But if you find the food source of the bloating and eliminate it you won't have to eat as many of the veggies you don't like!

Carb Cycling: 

Q: "Carb cycling!! Probs just need to do research of my own but if you know anything I'd love to hear!" 

A: To be totally honest I have never tried carb cycling. I am hypoglycemic so I don't ever really mess around with diets that cause my carb intake to go low for a day or so because I get really light headed and weak! So I'm not super familiar with it but I know carb cycling is basically just alternating your carbohydrate intake to avoid hitting a plateau in your journey. I know some fitness competitors will do this to prepare for competition. It's a pretty intense dieting technique since it causes you to constantly track what you're consuming because if you eat way under or over it totally defeats the purpose! I would say carb cycling is definitely for somebody who has a good understanding on nutrition, macronutrients and their body! 

I hope you ladies liked the first blog post to the love & whiskey girl fitness series! If you have any questions on anything feel free to reach out to me via the social media channels below! Until next time love & whiskey girl! 

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