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Lifestyle: Sporting KC Game!! ♥

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Hi love & whiskey girls!!
Like I chatted about a while back, I don't want this L&W blog to be strictly fashion oriented. I want to throw a few lifestyle pieces in the mix and show that there is a real life person behind the laptop over here! I want you pretty ladies to become a part of the fam, of this brand.. I want you all to be able to tag along on this crazy journey! 
I found it only fitting to dedicate my first lifestyle piece to something I love doing.. going to the KC Sporting Soccer Games babyyyy!! As most of you all know, me and Kc bought a house and moved to Kansas a couple weeks ago! As a customer appreciation type of thing, our realtor's company hooked us up with free tickets to the game that included free food and alcohol (hollaaa). Unfortunately my future hubby / baby daddy (not pregnant, just sayin ;) had to work out of town in Colorado for the week so he couldn't make it. It was actually really weird going to a game without him because literally EVERY single game I have went to, I've gone to with my man! But I asked his mom to go with me instead and it was definitely a good time! Sporting won the game 4 to 1, the weather was literally gorgeous for June (I almost wore jeans it was so nice) and the free Mich Ultra was flowinnnn. :)
I tried way too hard to take cute pics of the stadium and of me and Pam because I knew I wanted to write a blog post about it and of course, when you want cute pics it ain't happening. I'm out here thinking I'm a blogger or somethin' ;) So I decided instead to just take you all down memory lane of me and Kc's Sporting KC adventures :) 
October 2015: I bought Kc club tickets to our first Sporting game for our 3 year anniversary! RIP to the duck face and blonde hair. 
July 2016: We celebrated Kc's bday just a lilll late (his birthday is in February lol). We stayed in Kansas City for the weekend with his mom and her bf at a super nice hotel downtown and went shopping, went to the game and headed back home for the 4th of July. I remember this game was CRAZY good. They went into double overtime and lit fireworks for the 4th of July! It was a good time and my man is a HUNK :) 
April 2017: We went to KC again for a couple days to celebrate my 21st bday :) 
June 2018: We went to this last game during gay pride week. Love is love, baby!
If you like soccer and haven't checked out a Sporting KC game, I definitely recommend it! The tickets aren't outrageous and are actually a lot cheaper than other sports games like football and basketball! It's always a good time in the Blue Hell :) 
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Sending SO Much Love | xoxo,
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