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A Look Inside Our Boutique ♥

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Hi love & whiskey girls!
Since we're on online boutique, we don't have a store front that is open to the public! Although if you are ever in the area, and want to swing by and try some of our goodies on, feel free to message me! I know a lot of ladies feel more comfortable trying things on before purchasing, and I totally support that! So I am completely open to you guys stopping by and shopping!
Anyways! I thought it would be fun to do a blog post and show you ladies where the magic happens (aka where a lot of coffee is drank and a lot of orders are packaged lol) I was super excited to move to our new home in Kansas because we have a lot more space than we did in our house in Nebraska. So my boutique room no longer has to double as Kc's workout room (praise Jesus) 
I don't have anything crazy going on. Just a couple clothing racks, and a couple cute stands to hold all of our clothing! I'm actually really excited to make this post because I can't wait to look back on it a couple years from now and see where love & whiskey was at when it was starting out vs. a couple years in! 
The goal for the future is to have double the inventory. Continue to grow our #loveandwhiskeygirl base. Hopefully have this be my only job and maybe even have a space rented where I keep all of our inventory! 
Always remember, if you have a goal, chase it! If you have a dream, make it a reality! You can do anything you set your mind to love & whiskey girl.
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Sending SO Much Love | xoxo,
Paige - head #loveandwhiskeygirl


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